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Apr. 2nd, 2004 @ 07:27 pm Alternate non-cliched ending to Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
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I enjoyed this movie a lot, but the ending (which I feared would happen as it did) just had be cringing and left me with indigestion of the cheesy cliche-ness. So, i decided to change it as I saw fit. ENJOY! :)

Proteus: I stood here once with a woman who told me of her love of the sea.

Marina: And what happened to his woman?

Proteus: She got to have her adventure on the sea and she fell in love. Merina, my place is here in Syracuse. Follow your heart.

Marina: {shocked} {hugs} Thank you, Proteus.

On Sinbad's ship...
A sail falls on Sinbad as they are about to leave shore. At first he blames Rat, but when he sees Rat standing on Deck with the rest of the crew, he looks up to see who it is, only to find Marina. Surprised but happy, he goes up to her.

Sinbad: Marina! You've come to sail off with me!

Marina: Actually, I've come to say good-bye.

Sinbad: Goodbye? But I thought you...

Marina: The voyage we had was a wonderful adventure and through it I fell in love with you and with the sea. But I cannot change who I am. I am an Ambassador and I belong here, with Proteus.

Sinbad: How can you marry someone you don't love?

Marina: Who says I do not love Proteus. Proteus is a wonderful, caring man. One who has stood by me my whole life, one who believed in you when no one else did, one who forfeited his life in order to save yours.

Sinbad: But, you told me you loved me...

Marina: I thought I was in love with you but really I fell in love with your daring; you were exciting, brave and bold. Plus you told me I was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen and that I was the reason you left, which I must admit was pretty flattering. But then I remembered why I came on the journey. I came to save Proteus, to make sure you did as you were told.

I've known you only for a few days, Sinbad. I've known Proteus almost my whole life. I do not wish to leave him, even if it means parting with the Sea. I wish I could have gone on many adventures with you and your crew. Do not be sad Sinbad. Come visit Syracuse again so that we may have another adventure together. Take care, dear Sinbad.

Added for Stride:
(Sinbad looks on as the woman he loves walks out of his life. He hears a whimper coming from below and looks to down to see his dog looking up at him with "puppy dog eyes".

Sinbad: What? You wanna go with her? (Dog nods). FINE! GO! See if I care. (He sighs). Anyone else wanna leave ditch me?

(He hears a bunch of coughs and grunts coming from his crew and sees them all shift around uneasily.)

Sinbad: *grumbles*
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